Iteration 1: Speculate Phase

In this post, you will find… Prioritized Total Feature List Estimated Workload for all features Work planned for feature list for iteration 1 (Should equate to about 24 hours of work) My prioritized feature list will include all possible features for my Interactive Eating Plate. The features will be prioritized on a scale from 1-5,Continue reading “Iteration 1: Speculate Phase”

Iteration 1 : Envision Phase

Description The FlaVR Labs Interactive Eating Plate is the creation of an interactive eating plate designed to help parents get their picky eaters (aged 4-10) to eat a full range of nutritious food without struggle by creating external motivational factors for kids.   The interactive eating plate will also serve as a piece of a productContinue reading “Iteration 1 : Envision Phase”

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